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Fun in Shanghai

Shanghai must be on everyone’s list of exotic travel destinations. This is the most populated city in the world with an estimated 24 million residents and an international hub of culture and entertainment. Some visitors say that it takes at least two years to see the entire metropolis in full detail and experience all the fun things it has to offer. There aren’t many people out there who can afford a two-year vacation, so we compiled a short list of the best things you can do during a quick trip in China’s busiest city:

Unique nightlife entertainment

Shanghai is one of the biggest nightlife scenes in the world. Imagine a party with over 10 million attendees, great food and amazing music. Every year new clubs appear in the ever-expanding downtown area of the city. These venues attract some of the most popular music artists in the world and tourists flock here for some of the best parties on the planet. The atmosphere is usually entertained by hot, lovely escorts and sexy call girls who are always ready to dance the night away with you.

Eat at famous restaurants

A trip to Shanghai would be incomplete without a visit to the Three on the Bund. This is a multi-leveled tower of award-winning restaurants that serve some of the best dishes Asia has to offer. The venue is located on the waterfront and offers a great view over the China Sea that you can admire while waiting for a 5-star course meal to reach your table.

Relax in a traditional spa center

Shanghai is home to some of the best massage parlors in the world. You can easily find a spa center located right in your hotel. However, if you want to enjoy a traditional Chinese massage, you should visit a local salon. You can relax and enjoy a full body therapy performed by the hot, sexy girls who work in these places.